How Does Yu Yu Hakusho End? (4 Discussion Points)

I’ll be answering how does Yu Yu Hakusho end.

How Does Yu Yu Hakusho End

Yusuke ends things with pointing his finger as he would for a spirit gun. By many fans they saw it as a tragic random ending to an otherwise good show. If you were to read the manga or watch the anime you’ll find they’re similar until after the Black Arc. Ultimately the ending was a disappointment to fans because of many unanswered questions.

Why Did It End That Way?

Yu Yu Hakusho ends with Keiko revealing to Kuwabara that she is indeed Yusuke’s goddess.

It’s all revealed in both the anime and the manga.

There are some noticeable differences in the two though once you get past the Black Arc.

It speaks more on Raizen and his buddies to conclude somewhat the story of the 3 kings.

The ending frustrated fans because it felt so abrupt and out the blue.

Screen Rant even said something that captured the feeling well saying it’s as if the heroes were pawns for King Emma all along.

Everything started with Yusuke jumping in front that car to save that boy.

He was only 14 for a majority of his story.

It’s later revealed that he’s actually the descendant of a powerful demon called Raizen.

He’s only a human that gets his world view expanded once he decided to take on the task of policing spirit monsters.

Through his work as a spirit detective he came across making friends in Hiei and Kurama on the way.

He was known in the human world as a delinquent that shirked off responsibilities and a bad son.

Luckily though he was able to keep and make the tightest of friends out of a few from school.

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