Does Gogeta Appear In Dragon Ball Super? (5 Points Explained)

I’ll be answering does Gogeta appear in Dragon Ball Super.

Does Gogeta Appear In Dragon Ball Super

Gogeta makes his appearance several times throughout the entire Dragon Ball series.

It’s in order to be:

DBZ Fusion Reborn

Dragon Ball GT

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The only exception is if you include Vegito which is there only other Fusion that Goku and Vegeta did.

Fusion Reborn

This is one of the titles that I bought early on when following Dragon Ball Z.

Gogeta is formed when fighting an opponent called Janemba.

I forgot how high the stakes were but it had something to do from punching a hole in dimensions and they were stopping him.

This was a cool experience in finally seeing the potara earrings successfully get used on Z-Fighters.

It was supposed to happen at first with Gohan and Goku but of course Buu spoiled that.

Dragon Ball GT

This was the next time that we were shown Gogeta at what was considered the highest power when released.

This was again another Fusion that was made out of stopping an evil Shenron.

What made this fusion so powerful was the use of Super Saiyan 4 was this power achieved.

If you remember the game Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 4 then you’ll remember his finisher was the Big Bang Kamehameha.

It might’ve had a multiplier but the point was that was his ultimate power used against Shenron in the fight.


If you’ve seen our other talks of Broly then you’ll notice that Gogeta comes up often, especially in the movie.

Gogeta after a plethora of training from Goku and Vegito created what would be considered the strongest fighter alive.

This was a move that was absolutely necessary considering the planet Broly was raging on was going to explode.

Plus you had humans that were searching for Dragon balls on there that would die, so a new power had to be unleashed.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

I actually only seen this series a few times.

You can find a few livestreams and full episodes right on YouTube if you’re interested.

For those unaware, this is more of a fantasy non-canon show that includes interesting (at times) what if scenarios.

For example would be a fusion between 2 Gogetas.

The concept gets creative imaginatively but it’s too much for me to keep up with.

Vegito Explained

Another fighter that you may be aware of that makes plenty of appearances in the series is Vegito.

This is again a fusion that occurs with the help of an item called the potarra earrings.

It’s the same scenario that happened with the supreme Kai’s that helped train Gohan master his mystic form.

However, this fighter is actually considered by many to be stronger than Gogeta.

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty of times Gogeta’s appeared.

We have all of the movies and appearance in GT to look at.

With the addition of Vegito, it makes any fusion fun to experience.

For more anime discussions, you can find them on my About section.

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