Is Dragon Ball Super Broly On Amazon Prime? (Official Review)

I’ll be answering is dragon ball super Broly on Amazon prime.

Is Dragon Ball Super Broly On Amazon Prime

Yes. Dragon Ball Super: Broly is available on Amazon’s site with plenty of highly rated reviews that project the movie at the 4.8 star mark for the digital and physical versions. You’ll find that their prices for this film range depending on where you buy from as well.

Highly Rated

Fans agree that this movie is far better on blu-ray rather than digital.

There’s been problems for some that try to watch the movie on a streaming service, specifically with an Apple TV.

I’ve never had those issues when watching it on Prime myself but that was shocking to find out for a majority of fans.

The English Blu-Ray version was discovered to have a green filter over the entire film!

That was a shock that I noticed myself when watching the movie.

The original Japanese version is the movie in its truest form visually speaking.

That only draws questions that you’ll have to answer such as “if it’ll bother (you) if the movie’s in sub or dub”.

Or will the filter will take away from the quality of my viewing experience.

Regardless on how you feel about the minor details and extras it’s still a great addition to the story.

Most who watch it like it.

Here’s a fight scene from the movie that captures the intensity and high stakes the film poses with Broly as a threat.

Here’s a link you can use to stream the movie on Amazon Prime.

Ranging Prices

As we can see the Amazon provider route will only cost you $20 and that applies to both the blu-ray, as well as the dvd copy.

I checked around and found 4 other providers that popped up immediately on Google.

The price can go as low as $10 on Vudu but it’ll be the Japanese version if you buy.

Next is only $12 through Fruugo but it only has 1 review and still a 7.99 delivery fee which brings you close enough to 20.

Next is an eBay offer at $23.81 after a price drop, and shipping’s free so that’s a plus.

And lastly is the most expensive in Music Japanet with a price of 34.28.

The prices are lower depending on where you go outside of Amazon, and also are higher than usual off the site too.

What’s alarming is the lack of reviews when you look at the other sites, on every site except for Amazon at the moment.

Final Thoughts

There were things that shocked me about the movie in general, especially after making a simple post about Gogeta vs Broly.

It was surprising to find out about the green filter effect that was added to the English version of the film.

That, and the prices for the movie that’s offered on other platforms were news to me.

Overall I agree this movie is a great addition to the Dragon Ball legacy and with the follow up of Super Super Hero makes it better.

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