Can I Earn Money By Watching Youtube Videos? (Answered)

I’ll be answering the question can I earn money by watching YouTube videos.

Can I Earn Money By Watching Youtube Videos

Yes. There’s multiple ways to get paid by simply watching YouTube videos. If you’re looking for the best way to earn, you can register with a company called Paying Social Media Jobs that has a great track record for paying members to do similar YouTube related tasks (and more).

How Can I Get Paid Watching YouTube?

There’s multiple ways to get paid by watching YouTube videos from the numerous sites that include the platform to earn.

One of the most popular are sites similar to Swagbucks.

Why Does YouTube Pay For Views?

YouTube itself doesn’t directly pay for views, but they monetize your videos (if you’re on the creator side) through ad revenue.

What’s The Best Way To Make Money On YouTube?

My #1 recommended method of earning money watching videos on YouTube is through the company Paying Social Media Jobs.

Paying Social Media Jobs Referral Link

Why Do I Recommend Paying Social Media Jobs?

PSJ is a company that’s stood the test of time and has plenty of satisfied users that earn great income following instructions.

Final Thoughts

Let’s review the answer again.

It’s possible to earn money watching videos on YouTube.

  • There’s multiple sites that will pay you on their platform to do tasks on YouTube
  • You can earn from monetizing videos you create for the platform through ad revenue
  • PSJ is a great way to go about earning a reliable income from YouTube

Have you ever made money from YouTube?

Share your experiences below.

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