Can I Make Money Blogging About My Life? (Answered)

I’ll be answering the question “can I make money blogging about my life?”.

Blogging has been around since the beginning of the internet.

This was inspired from personal experience in starting this site 3 years back.

I share stories about my life on the About Me section of the site if you care to check it out.

It’s actually pretty simple in terms of applying technical skills, but a majority of it is being consistent in transparency.

If you give it a solid shot then you might find it to be a very rewarding part of your life, but let’s get into it.

Can I Make Money Blogging About My Life

Yes, the most profitable and traditional way to monetize a blog is to do affiliate marketing. There’s also the option of partnering with brands that align with your image in which they’ll pay you for printing their products and services. The most common question that’s asked is about the cost it takes to run a lifestyle-blog. From having multiple options it’s a very attractive venture for those interested.

Affiliate Marketing

Partnering With Brands

What Does It Cost To Start / Maintain

Benefits Of Lifestyle Blogging

2 responses to “Can I Make Money Blogging About My Life? (Answered)”

  1. Are you doing affiliate marketing and have you earned from it?

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    1. Yeah to both, im active in a few programs

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