Can You Make Money On Facebook Marketplace? (Answered)

I’ll be answering the question “can you make money on Facebook marketplace”.

Marketplace is the center in where you can find other Facebook users that are selling items they own independently.

It was 2016 when this feature was added on the Facebook platform.

It’s located in the bottom section of the app or can also be found as an icon near the notification tab when using desktop.

The marketplace is a fairly simple thing to use in where the item’s displayed and methods of purchase is up to the lister.

This is a great way to both buy and earn money online.

Can You Make Money On Facebook Marketplace

Yes you can. There’s a strategy involved in which you can list items that are most likely to sell. Also, when you become a seller on the platform there’s a process that you go through that’s very similar to how things are done on eBay. And lastly, depending on the relationship you build with your audience it could set you up to sell even more items on your account.

Listing Items That Sell

Becoming a Seller

Relationship With Buyers

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