Can You Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face? (Answered)

I’ll be answering the question “can you make money on YouTube without showing your face”.

So there’s people that are interested in making money on YouTube but are too shy to stand in front of a camera.

This has actually been a popular method of earning through YouTube since 2021.

Before getting further into it, I will say that it starts with a commitment to consistency when deciding to do so.

If you follow along then you’ll get the best possible take from me on this subject.

It’s a great thing to do (or at least learn) because it gives you options on ways to make money through the platform.

Can You Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face

Yes you can. There’s plenty of different ideas that you can employ for a channel that leaves your face out of it. One of the most popular methods is doing simple voice overs for pre-made visual content. You’ll find out that many entrepreneurs and educators are the groups that make these type of videos, and they earn anywhere from $600 a day to 100k a month.

Channel Ideas

Voice Overs

Entrepreneurs / Educators

How Much Can You Earn

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