What Is An Anime forum? (5 points explained)

We’ll be looking at what an anime forum is.

This is something that’s been trending lately on Instagram for me personally and it’s fun to look more into the topics and break down.

I’ll admit that I’m a returning fan as where I found myself watching it less but still interested in a few latest releases.

For that it only felt right to look more into the communities available.

Let’s start.

What Is An Anime Forum?

An anime forum is a gathering of fans (all across the world). Everybody’s welcome. You’re encouraged to share the things you love about anime and what makes you a fan. You bring reality to anime, or even animate it to seem less real. And from there you can bring up the manga counterparts, games, art and Japanese culture that created it.

Everybody’s Welcome

First of all, welcome to the anime forum hosted by realtalkco.

With any forum type website it’s only right that everyone has a chance to be a part of the community here.

Fans across the world

This page will function on the value of providing a fan service all across the world.

The fan base of the anime community ranges all across the globe, so the job we’ll do is connect regions with the same interest.

Share fandom/love

One of the expectations of this page is for fans to engage and share their love for the art.

There’s a lot of different ways that fans show their allegiance to anime.

Manga, Gaming, and Culture

One aspect that should instantly come to mind when you speak on anime is the manga.

That and gaming.

Some of the best forms of entertainment was inspired from really successful anime projects.

Bring reality

This could be considered extra but the idea from the discussion is that you’ll help draw parallels to make it reality.

Some of our favorite shows tap into such a creative portion of the mind.


If the anime is too dark however, it would be ideal to help make it seem less real than how it appears.

One anime that comes to mind is death note, and some variations of it seem so real that it could be depressing.

Anime FAQs

Final Thoughts

I’m simply referring possible fans that are looking for a community to join that explores anime.

The few that I’ve been following personally is Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, and Hunter x Hunter.

Feel free to check some of those out and join in on my attempt at discussion with some of the topics.

They’re open on my socials if you prefer to use your preferred platform.

I encourage you to leave comments under the post you’re really passionate about.

I’m vocal about my appreciation for the community and what it’s done for me in terms of entertainment.

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