Do Verified Accounts On Instagram Get Paid? (Answered)

I’ll be answering the question “do certified accounts on Instagram get paid”.

I think it’s been a culturally significant thing to obtain this status of being verified the more being a content creator got popular.

It’s probably something that can do well in terms of putting realistic faces behind these accounts with the growth of spam accounts.

Do Verified Accounts On Instagram Get Paid

Not directly from the platform. You can however get a paid collaboration with or without a verified account. The main difference between the 2 accounts is a blue check. There’s steps you have to take if you want to be verified, and arguably the biggest is finding creative ways to earn more followers.

Paid Collaborations

There’s an opportunity to earn a paid collaboration with other accounts depending on your deal agreement.

These deals can do more than just get you paid, you can also earn more followers and authority on the platform for your audience.

It also extends the range of your content when getting the chance to create new pieces with the brand you’re working with.

The only way it’ll work is if you’re content reaches an audience that aligns with the brand trying to pay you.

There’ll be a point that you’ll reach where brands will want to send you gifts in exchange for a post about their brand.

This point will you to turn these encounters into paid collabs.

Blue Checks Provide Authentication

A blue check next to your name on Instagram simply establishes yourself as an authentic name (or brand) on the platform.

The request for a badge has to be done through an Android, Instagram Lite or iPhone app.

There’s 2 ways you can get verified, and that’s through subscribing to Meta Verified or apply as a public figure of some sort.

After applying it can take anywhere up to 30 days for instagram to review your account and determine if you’re eligible.

And although Facebook is an Instagram affiliate, if you’re verified on one and not the other, verifying the other is a separate task.

Steps To Get Verified

There’s a few ways to get verified on Instagram if that’s what you’re looking to do:

  • Get More Followers
  • Finish profile and bio
  • Remove other social site links
  • Personalize Posts
  • Find Creative Ways To Be Original
  • Make Your Bio More Attractive

An important step on the list that I want to emphasize is getting more followers.

Road To 10K

There’s perks that you obtain when reaching over 10,000 followers on Instagram.

The main benefits are the story tool feature and ability to upload longer IGTV videos than accounts with less.

IG Story Tool

The story tool is having the ability to let your audience swipe up on story posts that you would like to add a link to.

This could be helpful if you were in affiliate marketing and wanted to provide an easy way for your followers to click your link.

Longer IGTV Uploads

If you read my article on what videos do for whatever platform you’re using then you’ll see the value in longer uploads on IG.

The longer someone’s able to stay on your page, the likelier they’ll interact and engage more with your posts.

Verified Instagram Account FAQs

How Much Money Do Verified Instagrammers Make?

The way verified instagram influencers make money vary since there’s so many different ways to do it.

A lot of my older posts on this topic of making money online in general show you the various ways on any platform.

There’s cases where Instagram users with verified accounts earn roughly $1500 a month with 1K to 10k followers.

When you get closer to the 1 million mark, you can make $15k a month in one focus.

Final Thoughts

Let’s revisit my points again

  • Paid Collabs
  • Blue Check
  • The Steps To Verify

Although instagram doesn’t pay you directly, they do set you up for making good money depending on how you design your account.

Follow these steps and you’ll be fine.

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