Does Instagram Pay You For Views? (Answered)

I’ll be answering the question does instagram pay you for views.

This was a question that caught my attention because I was thinking at one time about if I get a bunch of views, could I get paid.

I can imagine that Instagram (same as other features they provide) only allow you to use your buzz for monetization.

Have you ever had an Instagram famous friend that got excited about how many views they got on a video they posted?

Does Instagram Pay You For Views

No, they don’t pay you directly, but you can get paid through the assistance of views you generate for whoever the ad’s sponsored by. The key is to be creative with your approach because there’s plenty of ways to profit from a good situation, which you have to see when you’re growing a name on social media.

55% Earnings From Monetized Views!

According to Instagram’s help section, you can get paid based on engagement with content you already make.

That makes the announcement Shopify made in sharing the 55% of profit generated through ad promos a great deal!

It’s just good to see that you can earn a majority of revenue through ads you’re attempting to draw attention to.

If you’re in content creation or use it to generate an income in any way then you’ll see how compensation’s come a long way.

All you have to do is set your account to allow ads and you’ll already be in the process of earning through your content.

Being Creative Helps

I’m gonna share a story about a time where I had to use creativity to at minimum break even on a job I committed to.

It’s needed because it helped me make sense of understanding this answer we got to.

In the summer followed a season during my career at University of Dubuque (UD) I would run a camp to make money.

Being in wrestling the sport is a little lower on the popularity level you would expect from other sports.

Most clinicians don’t make as much money that’s as decorated with accolades you would expect to.

With that said, being creative is one of the best things you can do to make money (at the time).

I kept track and used accolades that I would earn in season (or post) to justify an amount that would be beneficial to both parties.

One of the most creative aspects of it all was promoting moves on paper that improved my performance and advertise around it.

Here’s an example of promotional material that I would use with a compilation of my best moves to use in competition.

All in all it was good and allowed me to strengthen quality of the camps I ran with guest clinicians as well.

In turn it gave me more content to use as marketing material and promote the service even better.

Final Thoughts

It’s confusing to give a completely true answer.

I’ve never got paid for views on Instagram myself so I had to perform research to answer this question.

It appears that most of the money comes from paid collaboration in retrospect.

If I had to translate it back to a point where I was paid for affiliation, it would be when I ran a wrestling camp in college.

I earned more depending on the clinic I would run based on the accomplishments I earned in the NCAA at the time.

If I come across pictures of the flyer I’ll share.

But the point is, you can get paid for reaching goals in platforms without getting direct payment from the platform.

Surprisingly a lot of my signups were earned through social media.

My creativity came from picking up useful skills that allowed me to promote myself better:

  • Use Of Custom Flyers
  • Moves That Added Value

I’m all over the place, but if you’re familiar with the wrestling community you’ll know what I mean.

If you got one thing out of this, it should be that you focus on having a better sense of imagination in order to succeed.

Did this post inadvertently become a wrestling related post through the use of Instagram?


The goal is to understand the lesson best myself and apply it to a real-life scenario to help explain it best to you.

At worst, it’s my attempt to connect a dot for you.

Let me know how I did.

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