What Makes Sports Unique? (4 Points Explained)

I’ll be answering what makes sports unique.

What Makes Sports Unique

It’s being able to witness people support a team and have complete loyalty to their success or athletes that represent the program. There’s an understanding that it’s a competition between 2 individuals or teams. Also, there’s an art to creating and maintaining an elite athlete for sports competition. And lastly is coming across legends that battle other legends in order to cement their legacy as the best.

People Having Loyalty To a Team / Athletes

One of my favorite examples of fans displaying an allegiance to their team in sports are the Hawks for Iowa in wrestling.

What Are The Requirements Of a Sport?

There’s a few things that determine a sport to be considered one:

  • Competition between 2 or more individuals or teams
  • Rules
  • Goal for victory
  • Physicality plays a role in the win, followed by skill and luck

Maintaining a Superior Athlete As Long As Possible

Competition With Teams That Are Good At What They Do

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