Why Does Gogeta Have a Halo? (Explained)

I’ll be explaining why does Gogeta have a halo.

Gogeta’s one of the strongest fighters in the entire series!

In this scenario with him having a Halo, he’s the only fighter to ever do that.

But let’s get into the topic at hand.

Why Does Gogeta Have a Halo

Gogeta has a halo because it was the fusion between a dead Goku and Vegeta (specifically during the fight with Janemba). There’s also been fans interested in why Vegito doesn’t have a halo when that fusion occurs. To get back to Gogeta though, it’s been something that’s interested fans even in the game DBZ buu’s fury. The hall in general signals who’s dead, but apparently there’s 2 types.

If You’re Half Dead, You’re Fully Dead?

According to CBR, Gogeta has a halo because of a fusion between a dead Goku and Vegeta.

Source: CBR.com

A dead Goku is the reason the fusion happened the way it did.

When they fused it’s a difficult thing to confirm since Gogeta’s the only fighter with this exception.

I’ve never seen a fusion happen this way and every other time Goku and Vegeta was alive.

It makes sense since the dead can even have an opportunity to physically interact with the living.

The reason I support that thought is because of the way it happened in Bojack Unbound.

DragonBall Z: Bojack Unbound

What About a Halo For Vegito?

Reddit and GameFAQs has a spin on the topic (exploring why Vegito doesn’t have a halo instead).

Let’s Review Buu’s Fury

SuperCheats explores Buus Fury (a solid addition to the game franchise) but asks the same question and gets the same answer:

  • Because Goku’s dead it gives Gogeta the halo

Halo History

The DragonBall Universe Fandom looks more into the history of the halo, saying that the halo confirms a person’s dead.

The 2 Halos

Quora users say that there’s 2 types of halos in the series.

Continuity Error

In the Anime Stack Exchange, they say Goku has a halo during the fight with Janemba because of a continuity confusion.

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