Why Does Gogeta Have Red Hair? (Explained)

I’ll be answering why does Gogeta have red hair.

Why Does Gogeta Have Red Hair

Gogeta has red hair to signify the pinnacle of strength at the time for the entire DragonBall series. There’s also the possibility of a simple color mistake. Others think it could be associated to Kaioken. In GT it acts as a reverse design of Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan 4 form. It’s definitely iconic because it was the most different visually speaking and overall appealing.

Symbolizing The Strongest Fighter

According to Quora, they say he has red hair to represent himself as the strongest character in the entire anime.

Source: Quora.com

So to summarize this response from the most popular contributor to this topic, it supports Gogeta being the strongest.

It’s more of a technicality issue if you care about canon characters because this version of Gogeta is non-canon coming from GT.

When I first watched DragonBall GT, I thought it was a cool concept to fuse Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan 4 form.

This was before I understood what it meant to be canon and non-canon in a series.

I agree in a sense that the creators were trying to go for a look that separated a look from a normal super saiyan.

You look at what they did when they made Goku a Super Saiyan God in the movie Battle Of The Gods and kept Goku’s hair red.

It’s tough to say exactly without support from the creator Akira Toriyama himself but it would make sense.

Possible Coloring Mistake

DragonBall Fandom poses a different theory that actually includes Akira Toriyama.

Source: dragonball.fandom.com/

So this theory is actually interesting because to my understanding Akira had nothing to do with production of GT, but could be true.

When I was looking more into this series in particular (DragonBall GT) I was surprised it was made by different writers.

I believe there may be some truth to this story in a sense that there was little thought that was actually put behind the hair.

Because it’s officially non canon and red hair is added into other series, it can at least be seen as a separator from super saiyan 3.

I’d also like the address the other point that’s part of the highlighted answer.

It does make sense (that this was really taking a stab at fantasy) imagining what a new look for saiyans could be.

I agree in believing if it was really meant to look red then it would’ve been added that way to Fusion Reborn or Super: Broly.

3 shots would’ve had something closer to a finalized look for Gogeta.

New Look For Super Saiyan 4

On Reddit they say it’s because it’s meant to separate a look from Super Saiyan 4.

Source: Reddit.com

Collectively it’s liked for its design (even receiving notice of its heavy use in the DragonBall games as well.

I do think it adds a new look from super Saiyan 4, I think it may even have something to do with Vegeta’s way to transform.

If you remember his transformation happened thanks to a machine and Goku’s was more natural.

I personally am more invested in that thought that it could have something to do with the artificial creation for Vegeta.

Burma was smart as hell to make such a machine to push Vegeta to the next level.

It’ll be interesting to see if they give Vegeta a canon version of super Saiyan, even Goku for that matter.

Kaioken Related

CBR and a few other forums has a bit of a different perspective on things claiming it could be associated with Kaioken.

Source: CBR.com

There was a point where I was interested in knowing if the red hair was associated.

The only thing that was missing was the aura part.

I don’t think it’s Kaioken related though because the other two versions in the films were totally different.

It’s reasonable to have that curiosity because it was unseen until then.

I do find it a really interesting perspective though.

My first expectation (or belief) that a new look to super Saiyan came when there was already a rumored Super Saiyan 5.

My Thoughts

After doing research on my own I would just say that Gogeta has red hair because of the tweaking of Bulma’s machine.

Depending on how deep you want to get, there could also be a chance that it was just an oversight in production.

But what do you think is the reason for the red look?

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