Why Does Gogeta Use Kamehameha? (Explained)

I’ll be explaining why does Gogeta use Kamehameha.

Why Does Gogeta Use Kamehameha

Gogeta uses the Kamehameha (and variations of it) because it’s the perfect mixture of both Goku and Vegeta’s strongest moves. The Kamehameha is so iconic in the series it was probably the best way to keep fans engaged and feel familiar with the fighter. Even in fights there’s moves stronger than Kamehameha for Gogeta, but it’s used as the situation calls for it.

According to Reddit, they say Gogeta uses Kamehameha because…

DragonBall Wiki looks more into a variation of this move (Big Bang Kamehameha) and calls it…

A few members on GameFAQs believe that this is the move chosen because…

Users on Quora believe Gogeta has a sense of self control when attacking and uses the Kamehameha to..

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