Is Wrestling a Team Sport? (Answered)

I’ll be answering is wrestling a team sport.

Is Wrestling a Team Sport

Wrestling is an individual sport with team qualities. At it’s heart there’s a personal responsibility in the sport that leans towards more towards the wrestler. There’s a great amount of fans that support the growth in adding more team events to make it happen. This is important because there’s plenty of areas of growth that could happen to make it a global phenomenon.

Individual Aspects / Team Characteristics

With a letter endorsed by USA Wrestling it defines wrestling as an individual sport with team aspects.

Individuality Is Core

In an article written by Team USA, the head coach of Mountain Top Wrestling says

Deep Dive In Team Portion

The courier, along with users on Reddit agree that wrestling is a team sport.

Interesting Questions About The Sport

I’m finding users that agree with this question alone is important towards growing the sport.

Final Thoughts

Let’s revisit the points again:

  • It has both qualities that’s emphasized
  • At it’s core, the individual aspect captures it
  • A majority of fans agree that team competition is important

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