Why Does Goku Black Have a Potara Earring? (Explained)

I’ll be answering why does Goku Black have a potara earring.

Why Does Goku Black Have a Potara Earring

Goku Black has a potara earring in order to use the time ring in his favor. It was used before when the Z-Fighters were trying to defeat Super Buu. They originate from the Kaiōshins (which also explains why it allowed him to fuse with Zamasu).

Time Ring

According to the DragonBall Wiki Fandom, they claim

Super Buu

After checking the DBZ store, they bring up

The Kaiōshin

If you look at the DragonBall Universe Fandom then you can find


On Quora, they have a user who points out

Final Thoughts

Let’s sum up the points again:

  • Time Ring
  • Super Buu
  • Kaiōshin
  • Zamasu

There’s a lot more about potaras that I’m sure is yet to be discussed but this is what we got to work with now.

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