Why Didn’t Gogeta Kill Frieza? (Explained)

I’ll be answering why didn’t Gogeta kill Frieza.

This was an opportunity that presented itself during the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.

With such a powerful fighter as Gogeta that was taking on an enraged Broly, Frieza played a big role in it happening.

So with that, why didn’t Gogeta kill him when having the chance?

Let’s discuss it.

Why Didn’t Gogeta Kill Frieza

There’s a few possible reasons as to why it didn’t happen:

  • Could be a possible lesson learned
  • He wanted to give Frieza another chance at redemption after following a tough Tournament of Power
  • He could have been in the mood to spare everybody and never saw anyone as truly evil that was in the fight
  • Allowing Frieza to Take On An Enraged Broly could have been punishment enough

Learned Lesson – Damage Control

According to a user on Reddit, they had this theory to share about Gogeta not killing Frieza:

Source: Reddit.com

So they think it was to preserve the earth (while fighting Broly).

After the level of destruction that was caused fighting Broly, anything extra could wipe out the entire planet.

*spoiler comment*

When you consider the fact that earth was erased after the ToP it would’ve been a really bad look to destroy it again.

I agree with the comment, there probably was some consideration taken into account with adding more people in that fight.

They already got to the point where they broke reality itself.

Adding a Frieza (that already has a golden form at this point) would at best cause a 3 way war.

He was getting beat badly during the time it took for fusion, but his best power up could be compared to Super Saiyan Blue.

Another Chance

Change Of Heart

Broly Vs. Frieza

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