Why Are Tv Movies So Bad? (Explained Case Study)

I’ll be answering the question “why are tv movies so bad?”.

Have you ever remembered a time when you were excited to watch a tv movie?

Me neither.

I do have one through a generational bias but the point is in my 28 years on this earth, I can only come by one that I remembered liking.

Maybe I’ll make a post about it in the future.

But let’s move on.

I was pursuing an answer that would give me a better understanding about why great tv movies (at least good ones) hard to come by?

Why Are Tv Movies So Bad?

There’s a few points that came up when researching some opinions on why other movie enthusiasts believe this:

  • Writers Playing a Role In The Story
  • Determining what the production values are
  • Camera equipment is much easier to acquire (over saturation)
  • It could be affecting the quality of movies we get today

These are all valid points that point out good topics of discussion for movie-lovers who care about good products.

Do Writers Play a Role?

Observing The Production Values

Accessing Camera Equipment Is Easier

Does It Affect Modern Movies?

Final Thoughts

These are all good points that address a few issues that people who care about the quality of show from their favorite series would have:

  • Good writing will make a difference in the story at least
  • Depending on the budget and ability to stick with the same team determines a strong production
  • With the ability to create with lower quality tools can come a wave of stories being shared by new directors
  • It could influence the movie theatre experience depending on how well the tv-movie was received

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