Why Do Movies And TV Look Different? (Explained)

I’ll be explaining why do movies and tv look different.

Why Do Movies And TV Look Different?

This is because movies are shot with higher FPS cameras (as opposed to tv shows that are usually shot on video). There’s a popular observation about movies in particular and how they look more different on TV than they do anywhere else. The scenario you could be experiencing if you feel that way is more than likely called the soap opera effect.

Movies Have Higher FPS Cameras

According to Quora, they make the direct claim of movies looking different from TV because of the FPS rate on the camera.

The first comment says that TV is shot at 30fps and movies at 24.

This second comment gets a bit more specific in explaining what this difference in fps comes down to; motion blur.

The third comment mentions a movie (The Hobbit) that breaks the norm and was shot at 48fps.

TV’s Are Shot On Video

After seeing a comment on Reddit, one of the users mention that tv looks different because tv-shows are shot on video.

This comment stuck out for a couple of reasons:

1. There’s people who probably didn’t know video’s a cheaper format (as well as faster).

2. Movies that use film spend way more money than those that don’t

I can understand the speed difference because old-school cameras that shot on film took noticeably more time to develop than digitals that were taken on memory.

The Soap Opera Effect

There’s been numerous forums and articles that also gives a name to the look your HDTV might be adding to your movie called the soap opera effect.

In an article written on Forbes (Forbes.com) they acknowledge this effect and shared that there’s households who even intentionally apply this setting to specific footage in order to improve the viewing experience.

A user on the Stack Exchange points out that the soap opera effect was popular in the late 90’s because of how easy it would be to spot a picture shot in this format.

Final Thoughts

These were all the points we discussed:

• higher FPS cameras used in movies

• TV’s are shot on video

• The Soap Opera Effect

Very interesting (to say the least).

Only one thing I’m going to ask of you, check out this interesting clip I found on YouTube for further conversations.

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