Is Blogger Good For Affiliate Marketing? (Answered)

I’ll be answering the question “Is blogger good for affiliate marketing”.

Is Blogger Good For Affiliate Marketing

Blogger (or blogspot) is a popular tool that most bloggers use for affiliate marketing. The money you can make through promoting different products can make affiliate marketing a fun venture. If you apply the right tactics when using your blog to earn money, eventually you’ll reach a point where you earn a passive income that puts money in your pocket either with or without your effort.

Does Anyone Still Use Blogger?

Blogger is a platform that plenty of people use (even today).

It’s a free platform that’s used by many bloggers that want to get started with becoming a blogger.

The competing platform to Blogger that’s arguably more popular would most likely be WordPress.

I like it and use it to make my articles but it’s preference really.

Once you use one platform the rest become somewhat familiar and it’s just coming down to making a choice based off the more user-friendly features.

There’s a common misunderstanding between blogger and blogspot, if they’re the same thing to be specific.

The main difference is just the domain rights.

Depending on what your goals are, you may want to own your own domain name in order to brand your blog and turn it to a business eventually.

Overall, the practice of blogging can be done on both and they’re both great options to learning how to get your thoughts out online.

Can You Make Full-Time Living With Affiliate Marketing?

Absolutely you can.

When Promoting a Product It Is Important To Know THAT

There’s more than one way to go about promoting products as an affiliate.

How to make $500 a day passive income?

What would an extra $500 a month do for you?

Ask yourself that question when deciding if that’s what you want to do.

It might sound like merely a dream, but it’s more than possible when you decide to commit to the action.

Same as the affiliate marketer that makes thousands a day, it’s possible for you to make a few hundred.

Final Thoughts

Blogger itself is a good tool to start affiliate marketing.

The only thing I challenge you to do is explore your options.

There’s a lot of different “gurus” out there that tell you mixed information that may discourage you, but I’m telling you it’s possible.

I’ve made money online and blogging was a great tool to help get that done, but it took discipline in methods to make it happen.

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