Is Master Duel Worth Playing? (My Thoughts)

I’ll be answering the question “is master duel worth playing?”.

This is the latest Yu-Gi-Oh simulation game to hit the market and is pretty popular in the community.

Let’s get into it.

Is Master Duel Worth Playing

Definitely. It’s nostalgia packaged up in an interactive game. Also, because it follows the rules of the official card game as well, it makes it one of the best simulators for duelists. I personally have an interest in seeing if official gambling could ever be done under the right circumstances.

Opposing View

Of course, you’ll also get fans that are mixed about their simulators.

Duel Links is the only competitor to Master Duel that I can think of.

Personally, I think Master Duel is a better game in terms of providing options on cards that can be used.

Duel Links has an RPG story mode that may be appreciated by a different fan.

They’re both fun, but Master Duel’s my preference.

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