About Me

Do I start with Adrian or DreadHeadJay?

Either way, this is my about me page that’ll hopefully enlighten you on who I am a little better.

Let’s go!

About Me

Welcome to Real Talk Community. My name’s Adrian Collier. DreadHeadJay’s my username for the account that makes the posts for this site. I’m a millennial that grew up in a very interesting time period. I’ve had encounters, made memories and solid relationships through:

  • Music
  • TV & Movies
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Cooking

While this site’s up I’d like to talk about these topics in greater detail. This is the start to something great!

Yu-Gi-Oh FAQs

Is Jowgen the Spiritualist banned?

Mental Health FAQs

Will an anxiety attack raise blood pressure?

The music I like

It’s gonna be fun to share my interests about music.

It may change, but it’s where I’m at.

Check it out.

I like drill and trap music to be specific, but to be general I like rap as a whole. That means that I’m appreciative of different cultures that represent the art as a whole. So that includes West Coast, East Coast, and even hip hop.


I changed my name numerous times as an artist, but I’ve started my journey with inspiration through drill music.


As far what I can share, trap music originated from Atlanta, but seemed to transition really well to a Chicago sound.

Obviously I took advantage of this observation, and like what came from it.

You can find the full song in it’s mastered mp3 format by clicking here.

West Coast sound

I’ve had an explosion of interest after numerous west coast artists been making waves in the game.

East Coast

I like horror movies for some reason, and in my adulthood I’ve taken a particular liking to Chucky.

The lyrics can be found here.

It’s the perfect compliment to the East Coast sound because it has lyrics that relate specifically to people from the area.

Although I’m from the north side of Chicago, there’s still stories that connect people from different areas, and I did that.

Hip Hop

I’ve made a previous post that briefly mentions the difference between hip hop and rap, because there is one.

Drop a comment if you feel differently.