About Me

Welcome to my about me page.

It’s important that you get a good idea about who you’re going to be getting your content from on the site so I’ll try to be as transparent as possible.

Let’s get into it though.

About Me

My name is Adrian, but feel free to call me AJ. I rap. There’s many different styles of music that I like as well. I’m also a fan of movies and tv series of different kinds. I’m a fan a strategy based card games (as well as other types). Likewise, with the enjoyment of competitive games, I’m also a fan of sports too. But on top of all that, I enjoy writing a few of the articles for the site.

Is Being a Rapper a Good Career

Yeah, if you’re open to a schedule that changes a lot and managing meetings as you progress, it can be rewarding.

According to Forbes, they claim that there’s 4 things that should be considered before deciding to rap.

These are all words of advice that I’m sure you’ve heard from anybody that’s at least managed an artist before.

There’s also past performers that may even encourage you to reconsider before pursuing a career in the hip hop industry.

What I have to say is that I agree with the music industry being highly competitive, but it shouldn’t discourage you from trying.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned is that anything worth having in life is going to be a struggle to obtain (making it that much worth it [to me]).

My Music

I am pretty new to the music industry in terms of releasing official projects.

I’ve had songs that I messed around with in the past, but since been making intentional projects.

I’ve been tweaking tools that I can use with making new music, by learning how to edit and master tracks that I submit for official release.


This is one of a few songs that I’ve released.

If you follow the links on the embedded video above, you can subscribe and stay in tune with my future releases.

I look forward to hearing any critique anyone may have for my work.

If you’re interested in a verse, you can DM me on my Instagram.

What Type Of Movies I Like?

Photo Credits to Pinterest

I prefer movies that require team effort to solve a puzzle or situation at hand.

These include a clever use of imagination, so it would include superhero movies from DC and Marvel as well.

Movies themselves are far more expensive than creating television so it deserved its own space.

I’ve done a variety of movie specific topics that you should check out if you’re interested.

I’ll be updating them at least once a month.

What Type Of Tv Shows I Watch?

When I expect someone to know what type of tv shows someone wants to learn about, it’s something they can watch everyday.

There’s a few that I’ve been following and look forward to any discourse about in the comments.

Genres I’m Most Interested In

I’ve already went through a bunch of somewhat random movies in the category I created for it’s existence here.

Movies & TV

I’d like to consider myself open minded in terms of what I’m willing to watch, but I find myself watching the same genres typically:

  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Thriller / Horror
  • Anime

I’ve written a lot about different aspects of tv in general that have to be organized properly so please allow time for this to be updated.

From the trending shows on Netflix, to even Tubi, there’s a spot to give credit to great artwork on the HDTV.

Strategy Card Games

Poker, Blackjack and even Yu-Gi-Oh are a few of the games that I prefer to play at times.


I’m pretty new to the poker scene, but I have been playing a few games lately that’s been earning my interest in learning more.


One thing that I’m a fan of is a card game called Yu-Gi-Oh.

It’s a good way for me to play a game that gets my creative mind flowing.

I’ve been openly sharing my interest in the TCG, and OCG.

I actually play a lot on Duel Masters and working on qualifying for the World Championships.

Add me as “DreadHeadJay94” if you play.


Blackjack is one of the few games I’ll play in a casino setting (mainly digital, but I will get on the table).


I enjoy many different sports from Wrestling, Basketball, Football, Golf and Baseball.

Is Blogging Dead?

Photo credits to Pinterest

Yeah, the fame and exclusiveness that used to come with being a blogger is dead (especially with the growth of social media).

However, blogging as a whole and what it’s meant to do is still alive and well.

To answer this correctly, it’s important to first know what the point of blogging is.

It’s a question with partially subjective answers, but I’m going to attempt to share my belief with the art.

When you decide to blog, you’re agreeing to share information of some sort with an audience.

Depending on how you view things in the world, it controls your ability to control the tone and narrative of what’s being shared.

Final Thoughts

I choose to participate in many different activities, but am also careful of never letting the activities define who I am.

I’m even careful about my own social media use ever since growing this blog.

Let’s review a few of the things I shared (and plan on adding future content about):

  • My name’s Adrian, but call me AJ
  • I enjoy and make music of my own
  • I’ll occasionally watch movies and tv shows that I’ll also talk about here
  • For gaming entertainment I’ve been playing a lot of strategy card based games (but also like video games too)
  • I’m a sports fanatic
  • Blogging is a healthy outlet for me to express myself in creative ways

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the content on the site and appreciate your support to make things possible.