Real Talk AJ – What Is Actuality and Potentiality In Philosophy (7 Lessons)

Real Talk AJ will help you realize the actuality of yourself as a being.

I’m far from being the “know it all” cliche that you may be used to.

But I genuinely enjoy talking about topics that relate to discussions directly to this site.

These may be “triggering” topics for you for a variety of reasons, but this site is purely intended to help you grow.

Whether it’s enlightenment through understanding yourself better, or finding better things for yourself or your family.

But let’s get into the “meat and potatoes” of this site!

What Is Actuality and Potentiality In Philosophy?

Actuality and Potentiality is a philosophy that happens when you finally enjoy life. You have to feed yourself mentally (consistently). Focus on your well being and growth in your career or business. Plus, combine that with maintaining good friendships, and proper coping mechanisms through laughter and a process we’ll call exiting.

Enjoy Life

Enjoying life is an important part of understanding yourself.

Who can really say they know and understand life if they don’t even like life?

I can wait…

Anyways I’m gonna prove my case.

Enjoying life is something that everybody has an opinion on but share different experiences.

I’m only 28 so I’m sure there’s much more to life that I still have to enjoy.

But the secret is that you first have to build an appreciation for what you have in the moment.

It took me a while to understand it (and I’m still learning to be honest) but it’s fun to try things to help me enjoy life more.

We have a long time on earth anyways, so we might as well make it our business to learn how to make it better.

Feed Yourself Mentally

Another way to achieve enlightenment is to make learning your business.

Part of learning is realizing that you always are.

Once you think you know it all, you stop learning which lets everybody else manifesting what they want in life faster than you.

There’s a lot different things people are trying to sell you in efforts of teaching you something to make you money.

It’s usually a course that’s promoting something you can learn for free.

  • Amazon Dropshipping
  • E commerce
  • PPC Ads

The list goes on, but you get the point.

There’s only a few books that I can say has helped me since graduating college in 2016.

Everybody has their different material they consume to learn something and it becomes a game changer with their learning process.

Well Being

Your well being is one of the most important thing you can do for yourself.

Your well being is improving your living quality.

Video (Why is physical activity important for mental health?)

The movies and TV you watch are even things that can help your overall well being.

Fantasy for example, I recommend you watch more fantasy shows to allow your creative imagination to flow freely.

It’s safe to equate your well being to your inner peace of mind.

If it makes you happy then you’re meant to do it.

Careers And Entrepreneurship

Your enlightenment spills over to your career in life.

Sorry, that’s just the rules.

If you become successful in one area of your life then it tends to show success in other areas as well.

If you’re experiencing success in your life then you are most likely finding new ways to enjoy your line of work and keep it interesting.

There’s a lot of people that want money, and can appreciate legitimate ways to make it.

If that’s one of you then I also have a #1 side hustle article that may interest you (leave a comment for a message).

I enjoy business talk (obviously if it applies to me)

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to help start one.

With that interest I plan on showing you all what I learn while growing the brand.

Follow along and you might learn something!


You might find an outlet that helps you express yourself.

This is actually officially dedicated to my creatives out there.

If you value creating then you also embrace the freedom of expression too.

There’s so many different ways to create and express yourself.

I make music.

There’s people who make films, or does photography.

There’s podcasters, and a lot of other fun ways to create.

Growing as a person is usually done in creation.

When you create you have to grow to get better at what you’re doing.

Emptying is the final result what you created or made.

It could be a text that you sent to tell sometime important information.

You emptied your thoughts that had to be communicated to someone.


Laughter is one of the best forms of medicine

“… so the duck says, “put it on my bill.”

Okay that’s my joke of the day, but that fact is true about laughter.

There’s a reason why comedians make so much money.

They bring a normalizing of usually embarrassing situations and make them relatable.

For example, there’s a comedian I came across.

Her name is Pam, and she has a show on Hulu.

I’ll probably link it eventually but I’ll tell you for now.

But if you make time for a little laughter in your life it can make big changes to your life and help you understand it better.

The discussions I expect to have here will definitely put you on to comedians if you’re looking for new ones to check out.


A strong friendship does great things for yourself as well as the people around you.

There are sacrifices that you make at times to keep the friendship in tact.

There’s ways you treat friends so they value the title.

Friends find ways to talk to each other and help each other be better people.

This section’s gonna be just as important as the others because as important it is to have good friends, it’s also important to know who to separate yourself from if they’re being bad friends.

This is actually a big topic that can be found on numerous forums, but we’ll talk about some the questions on here (and in depth).

Final Thoughts

These should realize this actuality of being.

Being aware of your existence as living person that’s able to do incredible things.

Of course there’s methods that you can impose to become the best version of yourself as possible.

  • Enjoying life
  • Caring about your well being
  • Devoting time towards personal development
  • Growing in your career/line of businesses
  • Emptying through the process of creating
  • Learning to enjoy life more through laughter
  • And learning to grow in your relationship with people

These are great first steps towards reaching more success in life.

Did I miss anything?

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