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That, as well as the artist.

Writing song lyrics without knowing music theory or the melody

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Music FAQS

Why Does My BTS Album Not Have a Poster?

New sellers hardly have them.

There’s two versions of k-pop albums, ones that came with posters, and ones without.

The most beautiful moment in life pt. 2 album comes with a random poster, but that’s only if it’s a first press edition, and there’s the love yourself album, her, version v edition, but the poster it comes with is unofficial.

But the wings Volume 2 version and butter album does come with official posters.

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Can I Sell Song Lyrics Online?

Yes, and Songbay is one of the first platforms that come to mind when looking for a place to sell your lyrics.

However, there’s also larger companies available, such as Universal, that’s been known to pay well.

If you wanna get your work reviewed first, check out a feedback form of some sort beforehand.

If you succeed with this venture, you can take pride in being called a lyricist.

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Why do albums disappear from Spotify?

Why does iTunes change my album art?

why are rap lyrics called bars?

why are my lyrics not showing on Spotify?

Why are albums named after songs?

What Is So Great About Music