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A shared moment from my trip at the Wisconsin Dells.

Welcome to the travel page.


This page will cover a variety of traveling related topics. For starters, we’ll discuss “if it’s best to travel alone or with friends?”. Also general living with questions such as “can a family of 4 live in a studio apartment?” Plus much more! If you have any questions you want personally answered leave them below.

What Are The Benefits Of Traveling Alone vs With Friends?

Each options has its own benefits.

Traveling Alone

There’s less restraint against a group depending on what you’re interested in seeing.

With that luxury your trip extends as far as your imagination can go (or maybe your pockets).

I highly recommend it if you’re the type that’s okay with being in public areas by yourself (at least a few times).

Group Travels

There’s great experiences to be had when traveling to new destinations with friends.

Depending on where you go there’ll be ideally plenty of options as far as entertainment when bringing a group.

When I’m interested in a topic (which I am very often) I tend to find other people’s perspectives to see if I agree or disagree.

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Here’s a user that had a great response to the same question.

Travel FAQs

Can a Family Of 4 Live In a Studio Apartment?


Humans adapt pretty quickly to new circumstances which makes the thought entertain-able.

Places that provide amenities that could be shared is great way to expand on resources.

There’s less need for housekeeping which is a huge bonus, but the only noticeable drawback is the lows are dramatically obvious.

If this is considered you should only settle for as low as 400 square feet.

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