What’s so different between tv shows and movies?

Today we’ll be looking at the difference between TV shows and Movies.

There’s been a surge of great movies and tv shows that’s been produced, and we’re gonna look at what makes them so different.

What’s so different between tv shows and movies?

The difference between tv shows and movies can be demonstrated through something called a “soap opera effect.” There’s also a frame rate and “shutter rate” that gives them distinction. On top of that there’s a film and tape difference. One of the most unique showings that can separate the two is what’s shown in sport’s broadcasting.

“Soap Opera Effect”

There’s a saying that goes on in the show biz about tv series being soap operas effectively.

In a tv series they’re usually around to only sell you something.

In film they’re usually designed to share creative concepts with an extended viewing.

But of course, you’ll find that there’s some tv series that are based off movies.

TV based off Movies

One show that’s been gaining a lot of momentum based off the success of their movie counterparts that I can think of is Chucky.

Chucky is a “made for tv” series based off the Child’s Play franchise.

It fits this mold of defining tv series as soap operas because that’s what it presents to viewers.

If you’ve followed the Child’s Play franchise then you can tell that the series is different from the movies (but still keeps the continuity going surprisingly).

The Boondocks

One show that’s been able to generate millions in sales is the Boondocks.

They’ve been able to last for four seasons before getting canceled in 2014.

They started off in comic strips and eventually found it’s way to the television screen.

It has a start time in 2005 and managed to only get bigger until it’s final air date.

Huey became an iconic character that would be customized into various merchandise that still sells today.

Frame rate and “shutter rate”

Another aspect of recording that brings a difference to movies and tv shows is the frame and shutter rate.

You’ll find that a regular television show is shot with far less focus than what’s on a cinematic blockbuster.

The trick is that movies are shot in 70mm and tv shows are shot in 35mm.

Ben-Hur is a widely positive reviewed movie that was shot in this infamous 70mm film, but Tron (1982) is my personal favorite movie shot with this film.

Tron’s already a bright enough movie concept already, but 70 mm film makes the shot brighter, more colors and even detail when you compare it to other movies.

The walking dead is a great example of a successful show shot on 35mm film.

With a show that was running for 12 years, it’s safe to say that it was a show visually that people watched to enjoy.

Film and Tape

Sports Broadcasting

Final Thoughts

These are the main differences in what you’ll see between movies and tv shows.

There’s a saying called the “Soap Opera Effect.”

There’s also a frame and “shutter rate” that affects the production of movies and tv shows as well.

We also mentioned how there’s a film and tape difference in when both are shot.

And finally there’s an influence on how things are shot in sports broadcasting that add a unique element to film and video quality.