[The Music Page] Why You Should Care More About Music? (3 Reasons Explained)

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Let’s look at why you should care more about music.

Music is an art that captures the hearts of millions of people daily.

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But anyways, I’m kind of new to the music industry and decided to make a page dedicated to your music questions because it’ll help me grow as a musician.

I decided to start this page off as an open invitation to music enthusiasts that like the entertainment form.

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Why You Should Care More About Music?

Music is the top entertainment forms ever existed. Music has changed lives from a financial standpoint, emotional, and many other ways. There’s different genres that capture the attention of multiple demographics which makes it so important.


Music has been known to change the creators and participant’s lives since it was first monetized.

There’s been labels that was designed to front the money for necessary artists tools.

These tools could be anything for branding (clothes, money, transportation, accessories and other things).

Music has been worth 25.9b as of 2021 and only has signs of growth.

There’s individuals that make a large majority of those earnings according to BBC News.

Money is important for artists because of the emotional toll it takes to make the music.

There’s reasons why there’s literally budgets that made for big projects that get released.

Maybe you heard about Meg The Stallion having to spend $250k to get a verse from Future.

That was just an example of how expensive it be just to put a good song together.

Finances have just now in recent times been getting emphasized more in music and it’s turning out great for the big dreamer.

Emotions and Spiritual Effect

Music is definitely known to have spiritual and emotional effects on the listeners.

What we’re focusing on is a few factors that make the difference in making music known as emotional and spiritual.

Spirituality is something that enhances the spirit

This thought was believed to be adopted in the Middle Ages.

What adds to the definition of spirituality in relation to music is the removal of religion and gender specific spirituality.

Music is the combination of decibels and math

Sounds present The State of The Physical Body

Controls Atmosphere

Echo Sounds Came From The Big Bang

There were claims from NASA that suggest the first sounds that started the phenomena known as the Big Bang were echoes.

Rishi Patanjali, who lived in the 2nd century called what is believed to be an echo as the “vibratory motor of the universe.”

A Big Part Of The Day

There’s a reason why music starts out the day for most leaders and institutions.

Music is equated to a spiritual force that can dictate the quality of your day.

Different Genres

Final Moments

This should sum up every reason to enjoy music.

They talk about finances and share profitable ideas through the art.

It has emotional and spiritual facts that are hard to emulate.

The good thing about it is that you can explore the different genres and find the one that suits you best.

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