Why does online shopping give me anxiety? (Answered w/ 4 points)

Today I’ll be explaining why online shopping may give you anxiety.

Online shopping is something that anybody with a credit card has done or at least will do in the future.

We’re going to look at the reasons it could give you anxiety if you get nervous easy.

Let’s get to it.

Why does online shopping give me anxiety?

The actual term is mixed between delivery and shopping anxiety. You may get this feeling from lack of info about the cost of your purchase, or even the status of your order. Most of the time it has something to do with GAD, as well as OCD. And finally, it relates to the pleasure – reward system.

“Tell me more about it.”

If you don’t know what you’re buying you might get really nervous.

In terms of money, one of the things that most people get scared about is getting scammed about the price.

Pretty often you’ll find stories about people leaving bad reviews on products they bought because it was either over priced, or so cheap that it showed in the quality.

You may think it’s out of your price range, or maybe you got the money, but you’re scared about if the price is fair.

Delivery anxiety

Over 11% of products that are delivered online are damaged across the world.

That may sound like a low number, but there’s still a chance that it could be whatever you’re buying.

And worrying about the status of your order is without a doubt, a factor that could increase anxiety.


GAD stands for generalized anxiety disorder, and OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder.

These are the forms of your disorders that add to your online shopping anxiety.

Obviously when your anxiety is general it affects your every day habits and routines.

But when you’re OCD you have an addiction, and you usually struggle with finding a good balance.

Pleasure-Reward System

The most common action that relates to this question is simply “compulsive shopping.”

Compulsive shopping usually happens because we feel good when we buy something that we think is going to make us happy.

And it’s OK to buy things that make us happy.

But too much of anything can be bad for us, this also applies to online shopping obviously.

Pleasure – reward comes from buying, and we reward ourselves by buying even more.

It creates a cycle that keeps on going, and eventually disappoints us when it gets in the way of our usual responsibilities.

Final thoughts

So to sum things up, there’s a lot of different reasons you could be having anxiety from online shopping.

You might be worried about the cost.

You might be worried about the physical status of your product.

Here’s a video that links shopping and anxiousness pretty well.

You might even have some sort of GAD or OCD that control your emotions.

Or even have an unhealthy addiction to the good feeling that buying something online gives you.

As a thank you for making it this far, here’s a video that sums things up pretty well.

And feel free to check out our other posts on anxiety related topics here.

But what do you think?

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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