What are Quick Play Spell Cards? (Explained)

I’ll be explaining what are Quick Play Spell Cards.

What are Quick Play Spell Cards?

Quick play spell cards are spell speed 2 cards that can be chained with other cards.

Spell Speed 2, that can be chained

Very much like trap cards, quick play spells can be played at any point of the dual.

An example of when you would use a quick spell is let’s say an opponent is preparing to attack your life points directly.

But you have a Kuriboh, or even a few that you count on in this type of situation and you feel lucky about it popping up soon.

You use the card Reload and shuffle your hand into your deck to redraw, and by great luck you draw your Kuriboh!

It’s effect would come in handy to prevent your life points from taking a hit that turn due to it’s effect.

That’s just one of many ways in where a quick play spell could get you out of a tight spot.

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