Can I Use a 130 Watt Charger On a 65 Watt Laptop? (4 Discussion Points)

I’ll be answering the question can I use a 130 watt charger on a 65 watt laptop.

Can I Use a 130 Watt Charger On a 65 Watt Laptop

It’s safe. A very common question asked by members of the dell community that should be known their chargers are better to be overpowering devices rather than the opposite. If it turns out to be an issue it could lead to the charger overheating and even explode.


Better Than Underpowered

Overheating Problem

Should I Just Spring For a Desktop

Final Thoughts

I personally like my Samsung Chromebook.

Unfortunately I went without the charger for over 4 years now because I was just being plain lazy about replacing it.

500 C Samsung Chromebook Charger

However, I advise you to keep 2 or 3 chargers handy if you have these type of devices because they break easily.

Other than that they’re great.

And congrats on making it this far.

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