What are some good tips for writing a blog? (Answered)

Today I’ll be going over some good tips for writing a blog.

You’re here because you blog in some way, shape or form.

There’s people that blog and don’t even know it.

But if you’re going to be a blogger then you might as well do what you can to be the best one you can be.

I gathered a few points of my own that should help you write a blog if you decide to do so.

What are some good tips for writing a blog?

You first have to ask and answer the question of what your blog actually does. Answer that question and you’ll have another. You’ll try to find out what your limits are as a brand. After you know what you’re able to do you also have to provide what your followers are expecting. When you get this far you’ll also get to where you’re doing one of two things, and what those things are can be found on the header below.

Answer this question

So I said before that there’s a question you have to ask first before writing a blog.

And that is “what your blog actually does?”.

This question is important because it helps you with focusing your content towards a specific audience.

If you do that then you’ll have better aim of your posts to your fans.

If you know what your blog does, it helps you be more sure where you fit online.

Here’s another question

Another question that you’ll have to ask when writing a blog is what are your limits.

Why your limitations you may ask?

It’s simple in retrospect, but worth discussing.

Your limitations are the things that establish boundaries with your audience.

For example, as a blog you may agree to only make articles as opposed to do doing articles and a video.

Another limitation may be your realm of expertise in regards to your niche.

So you may have a big niche that has many different sub niches.

Let’s say it’s cooking.

Cooking is a large niche that can have many different styles, but you may focus only on 3 types (i.e. Italian, Japanese, and African)

If you chose to focus on only those categories (that’s okay, let somebody else focus on those) then you’ll be setting the limitations of your content.

Meet expectations

When deciding to write a blog you’re going to have to understand that you’re going to gain an audience, and with that audience they will be expecting things from you.

Those expectations range the quality of your posts, the type of content you’ll be producing, and even a schedule (that’s in you’re control but it’ll help to have).

You might have big goals and big plans for your blog, but you’re gonna find that your prospects will always be talking.

Talking about things they want you to speak on.

Talking about what they’re expecting from you as a creator and what’s going to enhance their experience as a user of your blog site.

You’ll be more in tune with what your followers when you start emphasizing more on their feedback.

Their honesty through their feedback will reveal their true expectations.

You can be aggressive towards having that competitive advantage just by hearing what they think of who they get their content from already.

Entertain, Inform or Both.

I mentioned earlier about expectations that your followers may have for you and your blog.

I have good news that’s going to make your job easier for you and knowing what you do feel effortless.

It’s all in the title, you’re either educating, informing or doing both.

Now you could be an educator and dedicating your life to teaching newbies that may really like what you’re talking about.

Or you could even go the route of being an informer and update the community of your niche on new information relating to it.

I would recommend you do a balance of both eventually, but it’ll help to start off from an educating perspective (especially if you’re pretty new to the community yourself).

Final thoughts

This should help you understand what you have to do to write a blog.

First is asking yourself the question of what your blog actually does.

After you answer that question you have to ask yourself another, “do they know my limitations?”.

You understand now that you have expectations that you have to meet for your fans.

When you decide to write a blog you’ll be educating, inform or both.

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