what is the difference between 35mm and 70mm film (4 points explained)

Today we’ll be looking at what the difference between the 35mm film and 70 mm film.

what is the difference between 35mm and 70mm film

The 70 mm is a film format that’s larger than the 35. There’s a shooting limit between the two in terms of minutes per roll. If you’re a avid movie goer then you’ll be able to tell the difference between IMAX and IMAX 3D.

70 mm

70 mm film is a style that produces motion picture photography.

It’s still used in cinema today, but 65 is the most popular.

Both styles are known for having a better resolution than the 35mm counterpart.

It’s better than the digital format because the pictures are way more clear.

A majority of audiences agree that 70mm is better in comparison to 35.

It makes seeing it on the big screen way better than if it were without it.

It’s also a good lens that’s great for portraits, you’ll be good with anywhere from a 24-70 for exact measure.

There’s a few theaters that still show films in this format.

You can find a few good resources out of these links.

35 mm

A 35 mm lens is another popular way of capturing images.

This lens is especially popular in street photography.

It’s enjoyed by the filmmaker because of how user friendly the format is.

35mm is actually the only first where NEW cameras are available.

Most of these particular type of cameras will only cost you $100 at best, but there are some valuable models being sold.

The lens is a portion smaller than what the human eye experiences, but still has impressive quality nonetheless.

There has been a known shortage of these films that I talk about on a previous post.

But if you’re taking still shots of car photography then you’ll really like this frame.

Having a solid reputation for face shots, they capture the subject in good quality at 4 feet away.


IMAX is shot in a 70 mm film strip that’s noticeably bigger than the regular ones.

IMAX with laser is the new standard for projection systems now, and are looking to replace 70mm.

It has the best picture to date with a resolution of up to 16k.

They came a long way from using the older Xenon lamps, but it’s only improving with time.

IMAX screens have an aspect ratio of 1.43:1 or even 1.90:1.

On top of imax bringing the audience close to the screen, they also work to position you in an ideal spot for the viewing.


IMAX 3D is majorly different although still gets confused with Real D 3D.

IMAX 3D uses two separate camera lenses that mimics the left and right eye.

There’s movies that are played without using glasses, and only time you would want to us if the movie requires it.

The sound system on the IMAX 3D is claimed to be superior to the Real D counterpart.

But that, and the better image quality makes it better by comparison even further.

The IMAX 3D requires you to look with both eyes actively, as opposed to the regular IMAX with a 2d flat display.

Final Thoughts

These points should answer the question effectively.

Let’s revisit

  • 70 mm has better image quality
  • 35 is perfect for car photography
  • IMAX has an impressive screen
  • IMAX 3D has better use of your eyes for viewing

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