Why Do Horror Movies Comfort Me? (4 Reasons Explained)

I’ll be answering why do horror movies comfort me.

I’ve shared before on my About page about my interest in this genre of movie.

There’s a lot of classics and I find them more amusing than actually scary so it’s grown on me.

Why Do Horror Movies Comfort Me

Depending on the type of movie I’ll enjoy it if it has cool characters whether it’s the group or person against the villain. That or even the horror icon themself. As embarrassing as it is to admit I also like violence. Maybe it has something to do with the culture that’s promoted in the world but I picked it up and I’m running with it.

The Characters Written

There’s been an array of memorable protagonists that help shape the identity of the horror movies that we know and love.

One concept that I like that’s been around for most of the successful film is the final girl.

What that is would be the last girl in the movie that usually takes out the villain at the end.

You learn to get a better appreciation for the character when you see everything they had to go through in order to stay alive.

Depending on the quality of their nemesis it makes their accomplishment even more impressive.

That’s important because we as the audience gain a champion that essentially beats the bully of the story.

Now I’m a grown man so I feel confident in my ability to protect myself but it’s still cool to witness somebody overcome adversity.

It represents their intelligence, critical thinking skills and bravery to defy the odds despite the challenges.

Megan Appreciation

If you’re aware of the 2023 instant classic in horror imagery is the movie Megan.

Megan on Prime Video

All characters included are pretty well written in terms of believability and realistic reaction to certain situations.

The Villain Themself

I’m a fan of these various horror icons for a variety of reasons.

The first is the obvious, their unique designs.

From the Ghostfaces to the Michael Myers and even the Freddy Kreugers, they’re all unique.

Another thing they’ve been doing with these characters is coming up with unique kills as well.

You can find many different YouTubers that break down any killer you can think of and the way they kill their victims.

On top of that they also are known for having iconic weapons to dispose of their victims.

Again, Ghostface is known for his buck knife, Chucky’s known for his kitchen knife and even Jason with the machete.

All of those things okay a role in why we like these figures, along with their personalities but that’s another story.

Violence Is Entertaining

I’ve been a fan of violence culture since my younger years.

There’s something attractive in seeing action being committed and it’s only amplified with violent scenarios.

We see it everyday from the TV shows we watch and even the crimes that consistently make the news.

Aside from whatever illegal activities that are stemmed from violence, it’s also promoted specifically for entertainment.

You look at MMA, WWE and other combat sports that’s glorified, it’s what the public likes to see.

I personally started my interest when I was introduced to fighting shows.

Power Rangers, Marvel, DC and even anime which is notorious for those situations.

It’s just fun to watch people beat their enemies up!

A Culture Of Violence Adopted

Next is the culture.

It’s close to the last example but it gets even deeper.

For example, with war that happens across the globe it’s almost encouraged.

I can put out the culture of what it’s like in the states because here we glorify our war heroes.

If you’ve been to war and come back with an honorable discharge (some are even plenty members of my family) you’re championed.

It’s intriguing because we highly encourage our youth to join the military but could use great improvements in the treatment of vets.

It’s bigger than just war but society in general can just appreciate a good fighter.

With that we’re conditioned in a way to be excited for the preparation of threats and ultimately eliminate them.

Final Thoughts

  • The characters
  • The villain
  • I like violence
  • The culture is influenced by it

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