Which is the best photo you clicked using your phone camera? (REVEALED with 3 points)

Revealed photo

The picture above is the best photo I took using my phone camera.

Granted, it is a picture of myself but I do have to reveal something to you.

The phone I took it on was a fairly new phone.

Yeah, less than a month old.

But let’s discuss why it’s the best photo I took in my camera.

Here we go, let’s get straight into it!

Which is the best photo you clicked using your phone camera?

My revealed photo is the best photo. The color of the lighting played a difference. My clothing style also makes it a better photo. That and my new iPhone 8 camera helped bring it all together.

1. What color lighting makes you look best?

Photo credits to Violet Summer of Quora

You have options as far as color is concerned, but first thing’s first, you’re going to want a good light bulb.

My only rule that I suggest you follow is to stay away from fluorescent bulbs.

But moving on, the CCT and the CRI will let you know if you got a good one.

However, you have to be mindful of choosing the right hue or you’ll have some problems.

2. Do clothing styles go around in circles?


Clothing styles go around in circles, and they’re updated from time to time.

But they’re ultimately recycled.

The 2000s designed their fashion around designs from the 1900s and so on and so forth.

In this specific scenario the cubs crewneck will always catch on to circle (or trend) because it’s a sports team (in baseball) that has a season in which it’s active.

Let’s break it down to a science.

Baseball is a spring sport that goes on all the way to fall on a pro level.

When you have a sport that’s merchandise fits in line with a certain season, it can predictably dictate the fashion choices of consumers.

I’ve mentioned before how sports unifies people through a community.

People want to support their sports teams, and in fashion that also makes a statement.

It tells people who you support.

Fashion styles are typically grouped by the season.

Hence, fall and winter gear is usually warm pieces of clothing.

I’m showing off a logo for a sports team in a functional way.

This communicates two things.

I like the cubs and I like being warm (it’s just a bonus that the cubs have two contrasting colors to make it pop out more).

3. What’s likely to be the selling point for the iPhone 8?

The camera.

Sure it has a good battery life and performs well, but the camera has a 7 mp front side and a 12 MP camera on the rear.

After reading a few reviews on the product, one of the comments made by a well respected reviewer that made me feel grateful for the iPhone 8 that I do have was that it was “one of the best-performing mobile device cameras” they ever tested at the time of it’s release.

That tells me that I have all the tools to take quality pictures with.

Of course there’s been numerous releases of newer iPhones and I’m talking about it in 2022 but that’s a good thing about only focusing on the camera in this scenario.

If the camera’s good, it’s still a valuable product.

They can slow down the iPhones with each new release (and that’s a whole ‘nother story) but the camera will always stay the same.

Final Thoughts

To conclude things, that revealed picture at the top of this article is the best photo I took with my phone camera.

The right lighting made it good.

Also, the clothing style that I happen to have on for the picture made a difference.

And with the help of my trusty iPhone 8 I had the best quality at the time.

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