Why do i get so invested in tv shows? (Explained)

Today I’m be explaining why you get so invested in TV shows.

We’ll be looking at this question though a couple different lenses.

A financial investment standpoint mainly through.

Why do i get so invested in tv shows?

It’s most likely from the empathy you built up from the character development. The companies invest a lot of money into the production of the icon that you’ve grown to love and it creates an attachment through fantasy that makes it hard to detach from.


The companies that create the shows you love put a lot of dollars behind your favorite TV show characters.

And that’s with every production.

You can thank the screenwriters and producers because they created a story that you will follow till the end.

Child’s Play example

A strong example of a movie franchise turned TV show is the Child’s Play segment.

It started off as just a horror movie that rode the wave of numerous sequels, and eventually made a tv show in 2021.

It was first known for only being about Chucky, the killer doll, but eventually new characters were introduced.

From there it had a continuity that kept these new characters that were positively received, and fans absolutely love them.

It sometimes pays off to care more about what fans have to say because they create a niche that supports you, regardless of numbers.

Obviously there was a dip in the money that each addition to the franchise until Bride of Chucky.

But the fans still voiced their opinions and the production team listened.

It turned to the point where they got a couple more straight to DVD releases and eventually a tv show!

We can thank the cast

The fans made it clear that they enjoyed the bold turn in direction to introduce new characters and still keep the same story going.

After the success from the first season, it led to the renewal of a second season, with a promising future of a third.

You can tell how much fans appreciate the characters written into the newly spawned TV show Chucky from this panel in New York.

Bridge of reality

A user on Quora shared an experience about how she loves the shows she watches and has a tough time departing from it.

“Why is that” you may ask.

And that’s because she realized that they’re only characters at the end of the day.

She felt an attachment to the shows she like with knowing that it’ll never be reality for her.

That one response alone just shows the power of emotion that fans have for the shows they like to watch.

It gives them something to talk about, something to look forward to.

Someone to support.

The fans spend so much time and money on seeing their characters do whatever it is that they enjoy.

I really emphasize money because it accounts to the success of crediting the success of the show.

Shirt sales, posters, the whole 9.

It communicates the fan’s attachment to the creation.

Final Thoughts

It can mainly be attributed to the empathy that fans have built for the character that the company built its resources around.

This person, or people are the fan’s detachment for reality, and sometimes that’s all that people want in the end.

But what do you think?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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