Leave Annabelle in the case

Today we’ll be answering why was the real Annabelle doll locked up?

This can’t from the idea of who would win in a fight between Annabelle and Chucky.

Chucky’s losing his flare as a “scary” horror icon, but it was fun to compare them at their scariest.

But today we’re focusing completely on Annabelle.

There’s a factor that makes it a little scarier than Chucky about Annabelle since her story is based on true events.

But let’s get into it.

Leave Annabelle in the case

As you may know, Annabelle is based on the events of a real story, and it’s actually related to the Conjuring. In the actual story, Annabelle was allegedly leaving the case she was put in. And that was the reason she was locked up.

It kept escaping it’s case

The true story of Annabelle stems from her escaping her case apparently.

Final Thoughts

This is why the real Annabelle doll was locked up.

She kept escaping her case.

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