Why Are Instagram Reels So Addictive?

I’ll be explaining why are Instagram reels so addictive.

Why Are Instagram Reels So Addictive

Instagram reels are so addictive because it follows the same formula that makes TikTok so popular. It’s arguably just as important to the site as their I.G. feature as well. Luckily there’s a way to stop an unhealthy addiction to Instagram if you choose to do so.

Same Issue With TikTok

IG Stories

Videos Either Too Long Or Too Short

Stopping Instagram Addiction

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these points answer why Instagram reels are addictive.

First it mimics the same benefits that make TikToks so successful.

Also it’s compounded with an addictive feature in I.G. Stories.

And lastly there’s methods you can take to stop your addiction.

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