Is Elemental Hero Stratos Good? (5 Points Explained)

I’ll be answering is Elemental Hero Stratos good.

Is Elemental Hero Stratos Good

Stratos has an impact on the entire game that’s felt all across the board. There’s arguments that it’s powercreeped but it’s deeper than power. In fact it’s arguably one of the best hero monsters you can have in a deck. It can lead to multiple fusions and links to strengthen your deck, but unfortunately it’s banned.

Impact On The Game

Stratos has an immediate impact that’s felt amongst players.

It has the ability to destroy as many spells and traps your opponent has depending on the amount of Hero cards on the field.

It’s a Gamechanger in terms of having the ability to get your hands on any elemental monster you want for a special Summon.

There’s been complaints about this single card being way too strong and having an unfair difference in power from others.


Powercreeped is the term to use when identifying a card in the game that’s OP in versatility.

Stratos fits the bill because drawing this card can summon virtually any HERO monster that you have available.

With the ability to summon any card you want thanks to another monster it leads to the opportunity of massive combos.

There’s other cards that can summon other HEROs too but this one can get any one in your deck.


Players across the world just had an agreement that Stratos is a degenerate HERO.

It’s also believed that it had some tie in with an exploit in the card game known as the Harpie Burn Loop.

That’s only for OCG by the way.

The TCG was rumored to have done it too in order to make a different ban list and prevent a lopsided gain from Divine Wind.

The makers decided that it provided too much support for the rest of the Elemental Deck.

Arguably The Best Hero Monster

Fusions and Links

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Final Thoughts

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