Is Freestyle Wrestling Dangerous? (Answered)

I’ll be answering “is Freestyle Wrestling Dangerous”.

Is Freestyle Wrestling Dangerous

Freestyle wrestling can be dangerous, but generally it’s a safer sport than most would expect. With proper training and guidance it improves the chances of staying healthy. The only concern when dissecting it all is fear of the unknown when it comes to action. If anything, Greco could pose to have more of a likelihood to result in an injury, but it mainly comes down to falling correctly.

Dangers Of Freestyle Wrestling

If you are a wrestler or even the parent of a wrestler, safety may and actually should be a concern when signing up.

Proper Training

The right way to train is a big part of staying healthy in the sport.

Time in and out we’ll follow Incredible wrestlers that are really talented but may have issues with staying healthy in the sport.

Fear Of The Unknown

If you look at what the biggest variable in the sport whether is competition or training in general, it comes down to the unknown.

There’s a plethora of moves and holds that can lead to an injury, and they are manageable situations to maintain health but it’s hard to predict what will happen.

Wrestling in general is supposed to be a sport that has continuous action with numerous moves that can lead to victory.

Because there’s so many moves, it can be hard to know what to expect to happen when a wrestler competes.

Overall though, it ideally gets better with more experience and familiarity with different positions.

Let’s Talk Greco

Greco Roman wrestling is the “sister” style to freestyle and can be seen as possibly a more dangerous style than freestyle.

The reason for this is because throws are more emphasized in Greco than Freestyle and it’s less dependent on leg attacks.

It can be very entertaining to watch from a fan standpoint, but also even more “dangerous” because of the brute strength it takes to score.

You can argue that you’ll see more injuries in this style because of the removal of legs as a component, but the experience still plays a factor.

“Falling With Style”

Now this is a big part for all styles of wrestling and maintaining a healthy athlete when competing.

The biggest thing to be aware of when remaining injury free is the way that you fall when a takedown is happening.

There’s weird falls and crashes that happen which can influence the chance of an injury occurring.

Final Thoughts

So to give my final thought on freestyle wrestling, it’s still a safe sport, it’s the same procedure you have to follow with any sport.

It comes down to safe practices that’ll determine how likely you are to get injured.

I want you to check out the clip below to get a respected opinion in the combat sport community about wrestling.

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