Why is health so important? (5 points explained)

This page will explain why health is so important.

This page will be covering a lot of topics that relate to health.

It’ll be hard to keep up with everything discussed here if you’re without a planner of some sort.

This is why we strongly recommend that you get one of some sort before you dedicate yourself to this journey.

You want it to be something that’s 100% used for health purposes only, and to keep it organized.

This self care planner is actually a perfect thing to own if you’re totally committed to changing your life.

It has a section dedicated to every point that we’ll be touching on here.

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But let’s get into it.

Why is health so important?

Focusing on your health leads to a productive life. Every part of your life depends on it. There’s physical, mental and social aspects that make up your health. There’s plenty of changes you could make in your life to improve your health, one of the popular ways is your diet. Regardless, if you work on these areas, you could live longer and feel better about yourself overall.

Every part of life depends on it

Health is the beginning to any part of your life that you want to enjoy.

Without health, it’s impossible to create wealth.

When you think of health, you might think that it’s solely the food you eat, and the drinks you consume.

But there’s more to it.

There’s 3 things in life that a majority of the world wants improvements in, and it’s health, wealth and happiness.

Let’s cross out happiness, because without being able to function normally, you’re denying a shot at being happy anyways.

Then that leaves health and wealth.

Yes, wealth (or money in general) is important in life.

You hear people confirm all the time how money makes the world go round.

But without being able to move, think or feel properly, you’ll never be able to make any amount of money, ever!

Your best shot is praying that a big bag of money will fall out of the sky (and that’s if you’re even alive).

Physical, Mental, Social

Physical, mental and spiritual well being are the three main things that make up your health.

Health is an ongoing journey of maintenance, a lifestyle (to put it in better terms).

You might think that the absence of disease or injury means that you’re healthy, but there’s more to it.

There’s a reason why when you hear people say “mind, body, soul” in the order that it’s put in.

Diseases and injuries only make up the physical.

But it’s important to recognize that the way you think plays a role in how you treat your body.

The way you feel is probably more important than that, because it’ll be hard to think right and avoid physical problems if you’re having trouble feeling good.


One word that comes to mind with health is optimum.

You make changes to your habits to have the best health possible.

When you think about your diet, you’re going to want to make the best possible choices in terms of reaching your goal.

You might want to reach a certain weight.

You might want to have a specific blood sugar level.

Or something to where you watch the things you consume as a result.

There’s more to it than food though.

You consume television, music, podcasts, etc.

All dieting is, is the act of consciously managing what you put into your body mentally, physically and spiritually).

It can be tough if you’ve never done it before, but the results pay off greatly.

Live longer

“Why do we wanna live longer?”

That may be one of the first questions you would ask to someone who’s trying to pitch to you the importance of health.

But to be honest, you’re the only one to answer that question.

I can give you a start to explain what type of person would want to live longer.

Simply put, the person who enjoys life wants to live longer.

Without surprise, the person who’s happiest tends to live longer.

These type of people wake up every day, excited for what the day brings.

They look forward to next week, next month, or years ahead because they see the bigger picture.

They move through life with a purpose, and with that, they understand that the best way they can serve is if they’re alive.

Feel Better (about yourself)

And finally, this is what happens when you reach the optimal point of your health (even when heading the right direction).

You feel better about yourself because you’re becoming a better person.

Good health is a personal journey that when you achieve it by finding that “sweet spot” (of what’s good health for you) feels rewarding.

You feel good on the inside and the outside.

Your energy becomes contagious, and the people you’re around will pick up on it.

You’ll start feeling better about making the money you deserve, the love life you want, and enjoying the finer things in life.

It’s one of those things that you’ll know you achieved because you feel it.

Final Thoughts

So to sum things up, these are the 5 solid reasons why you should care about your health.

1. Every part of your life depends on it

2. The physical, mental, and social parts of your life make up a majority of your health

3. Dieting is a great start towards improving your health

4. It’ll help you live longer

5. You’ll feel better about yourself with the changes you make

Let this be a start to something great in your life.

Again, if you’re 100% sold on the idea of caring about your health, prove it by purchasing the self care planner and use the guides to design the life you want.

Best of luck on your journey!

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